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Celebrating 10 Years of Delivering Guided Tours in Orkney

Explore Orkney are proud to have been delivering quality tours of Orkney for ten years.

Choose Your Day Trip or Create an Exciting Holiday Tour

Enjoy the wonders of holidays in Orkney with structured day trips including World Heritage Sites and the unique ability to reach off-road view points and unusual sights.

  • Choose from seven interesting day trips to experience the rich archaeology, spiritual and historical, wild and wondrous places in Orkney. Alternatively, select the days that suit your best interests and create an Orkney holiday tour over several days.
  • For larger groups we can help structure, plan and arrange an itinerary to meet your own special sight-seeing interests. Need more information . . . Contact us

Taxi Tour

Taxi Tour for visitors with little time...

MaeshoweThis taxi tour has been organised for guests with limited time who just want to get around to see key points of interest in Orkney on their own.

A 3 hour Taxi Tour to see the sites of interest.

Megaliths & Mysteries

And Much More...

MaeshoweExplore the mysteries of ancient times with this enlightening tour. It will take you to the most exciting sites of archaeological interest available in Orkney.

Fascinating Tombs

Be Inspired!

Italian ChapelExplore incredible sites of interest, cross over the famous Churchill Barriers, be inspired by the Italian Chapel and take a spiritual step back to the Iron Age at Minehowe.

Hill Top Heights and Neolithic Sites

Nature's Naked Orkney

Naked BirdPierce the tourist dressage and see Orkney in its raw naked natural state. Go off the beaten track to views which are not readily accessible on the tourist trail.

Cruise Tours

A Tour suited to Cruise Liner Visitors...

MaeshoweThis tour has been organised so that guests of our visiting cruise ships may enjoy the wonderful sights Orkney has to offer.

Our tour starts at 8am where you will be collected from your ship and returned there after the tour approximately 3pm.

Rousay's Riches

The Archaeological Mile

Mid Howe BrockSail away by Island ferry to Rousay where the seas brought many cultures to its shores, leaving a remarkable legacy of ancient remains for us to wonder over.

Orkney Vikings, History and Heritage

From Invasion to Integration

Round KirkDiscover the reality of how they came, integrated, influenced and enriched our culture. See astonishing Viking buildings, amazing views and trail the Vikings.

Hoy - High Island

Our High Island

Hoy viewpoints with breathtaking panoramic scenery. Wartime steeped history, wildlife and folklore make Hoy a must see part of Orkney.

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