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Rousay's Riches

The Archaeological Mile

Sail away by Island ferry to Rousay where the seas brought many cultures to its shores, leaving a remarkable array of ancient remains for us to wonder over.

Taversoe TuickRousay is steeped in archaeological history from the Stone Age, the Pictish Iron Age, the Viking Invaders, the period of the Earls and the troubled crofting times. For this tour, good walking footwear is advised as well as waterproof clothing.

At 9am we take a short drive to Cuween Hill Chambered cairn. Dating from around 3000BC excavations in 1901 discovered the remains of at least eight people. Also found were 24 dog skulls perhaps suggesting totemic culture.

Then we depart for Tingwall in Evie to board the ferry to Rousay and enjoy en route quite spectacular views of the Islands of Eynhallow and Rousay from Burger Hill view point.

Midhowe Broch10.15am Arrive at Tingwall boarding point. (Toilet facilities are available.) Depart Tingwall for Rousay. Enjoy the sea views, the crisp clean sea air and the chance to see common seals and birds native to these islands. Arrive at Rousay 11am.

Our first visit will be the Trumland Visitor Centre. There you can source detailed information and interpretation of many ancient sites as well as natural history, modern and historical.


MidhoweThe first places of significant interest are Taversoe Tuic, Blackhammer and the Knowe of Yarso burial Cairns. Dating from around 3000BC various remains were found inside the cairns including human and red deer also found were flint and stone tools.

Now we move on to visit, what most people think to be the spectacular highspot of the trip, the Midhowe Broch. It is amongst the finest examples of a fortified dwelling built during the Bronze/Iron Ages.

A short walk from Midhowe Broch lies Midhowe Cairn. The stone age cairn dates from around 3500BC and is one of the largest of its kind at 23 meters long it is an impressive site.The remains of 25 individual were found.

MidhoweAfter a leisurely lunch we will continue our trip to Wasbister Loch, the site of two crannogs or Iron Age fortified settlements built on artificial islands. As we continue we pass Saviskaill Beach a sheltered sandy beach which is a common place for the local seal population to live.

Finally we make our way back to the ferry on route you can take in views to the Island of Westray and the Atlantic before arriving at the ferry for our 3.20pm sailing back to Tingwall. From here we make our way back to kirkwall enjoying the views on route

Tour fees include all admission fees, ferry fees and lunch.

Features Summary

Its all in this tour; broch's loch's cairn's and culture's. By ferry to the island of Rousay - what riches in store for you!

The Archaeological Mile

  • Ferry sailing
  • Trumland Visitor Centre
  • Taversoe Tuick
  • Blackhammer cairn and Yarso cairn
  • Midhowe Cairn
  • Midhowe Broch
  • Wasbister Loch
  • Saviskaill Beach
  • Lunch included
  • All site admission fees included

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